Monday, January 10, 2011

Get free items using your Doodle Book

Do you have a Bo's Coffee Doodle Book? Check out the last few pages and you'll find this:

This page entitles you to a free item every month. Simply fulfill the promo requirements, present your Doodle Book at the counter, and you'll get the free item of the month.

Here are the free items for 2011:
  1. January: Short Hot Americano
  2. February: Banana Cream Pie
  3. March: Oatmeal Cookie
  4. April: Short Brewed Coffee
  5. May: Butterscotch
  6. June: Choco Chunk Cookie
  7. July: Brewed Coffee Refill - Short
  8. August: Lemon Square
  9. September: Side Order of French Toast
  10. October: Fudgy Nut
  11. November: Food for the Gods
  12. December: Short Hot Choco
Don't have a Doodle Book? Check out what's inside:

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