Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tea's a tease when brewed and iced

Bring me to a bar and I'll order iced tea. Yeah yeah, I know I'm KJ (I should let you know that the term killjoy doesn't delight me at all), but I'm allergic to alcohol so I have an excuse =P

It's 11am and I'm at a bar right now--a coffee bar that is--and I ordered the same: a nice serving of brewed iced tea. Our guys at Bo's Coffee Glorietta 5 made me an apple-flavored one. Like most of our other drinks, this one isn't so sweet, and that's the way I like it. I can taste the tea very well because it's not drowning in sugar.

Our brewed iced tea also comes in other flavors: passion fruit, raspberry and dalandan. Try it! :)

- Joy Reynaldo, the Bo's Coffee Digital Barista
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Win a P1,000 Bo's Coffee GC in the Monopoly Deal Card Game Showdown

If you thought that Monopoly was only a card game, lookie here: Bo's Coffee Katipunan is hosting the Monopoly Deal Card Game Showdown this March 2-5! Build a team of four to five players, follow the steps for registration and compete to win Bo's Coffee GCs and items from Hasbro. One set of prizes will be given away each day!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hungry? Have a Hungarian breakfast at Bo's Coffee

I went to Bo's Coffee Megamall (5F Atrium) and ordered my favorite meal on the menu, the sausage breakfast set. My order had a Hungarian sausage, scrambled eggs and a few slices of bread. But I really like the flexibility of the Bo's Coffee breakfast set: if you don't dig that combination, you can opt to have mini franks instead of Hungarian sausage, sunny side up instead of scrambled eggs, or pancakes instead of toast. Just tell our baristas what combination suits your appetite and they'll whip it up for you. Neat, eh? :)

The Bo's Coffee Sausage Breakast Set (Hungarian Sausage)
My breakfast set cost me P190, but one great thing is that you can have brewed coffee or hot chocolate for an additional P10 if you order the meal before 11:00 am. I had a mug of our bestselling brewed coffee since I really needed to wake up. It did its job quite well!

Bo's Coffee also serves corned beef, bacon, and omelette breakfast sets, plus their big momma: the Big Breakfast Set! I'll tell you about these other meals at another time. I'm especially excited to review the last one (thus revealing the level of my appetite to the world, but never mind). If you're famished, I highly recommend the Bo's Coffee breakfast set. We serve them all day.

Going back to my meal: I have to admit that I really love Hungarian sausage, so this meal was a nice treat for me. The sausage itself was heavy on the tummy and very tasty. The eggs and toast were great companions, balancing out the strong taste of the Hungarian sausage. If I had been a bit more hungry, pancakes would have served me well, but thankfully, the wheat bread was enough. I finished off my lunch with a cookie for the gods (yum!). It was a wonderful meal. My only regret was that I forgot to use the pack of catsup that Patrick gave me along with the rest of my order =/ A pity for a catsup lover like me.

How about you, what's your favorite meal at Bo's Coffee?

-Joy, the Digital Barista of Bo's Coffee
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A red velvet for Valentine's

All the reds come out in Feb, and our newest offering is no exception. Bo's Coffee's Red Velvet cake will hit the stores on the second week of February 2011. In case you're not familiar with Red Velvet cakes, they're made of layers of chocolate buttered cake in deep red color, filled with creamy custard and cream cheese, and covered with whipped cream icing. We added a special touch by topping it with chocolate shavings.

Our Manila stores will carry a heart-shaped Red Velvet mini cake until Feb. 19, 2011. Our Cebu stores, on the other hand, will offer the round Red Velvet mini cake. After Feb. 19, all stores will carry the regular-sized Red Velvet.

We hope you like it!

You can get our Valentine's mini-cake for P150, but it's only P100 if you buy it with a strawberry freeze

A heart-shaped red velvet cake for Valentine's by Bo's Coffee

Bo's Coffee's regular-sized red velvet cake

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ateneo: Get a Bo's Coffee mug through "Stages of Love"

We have a special treat for our ADMU customers: a chance to get a FREE Bo's Coffee black mug! When you buy a ticket to Ateneo Blue Repertory's Stages of Love musical, you'll get this card:

Simply buy a Fudge Brownie Mocha Primo from our Ateneo MVP, Ateneo Matteo Ricci or Katipunan branch and you'll get a stamp on that card. Complete six stamps and you'll get a Limited Edition Bo's Coffee black mug.

See you at Stages of Love!

Ateneo Blue Repertory Valentine musical called Stages of Love playing from January 26 to February 12

Stages of Love is a musical revue that features an amalgamation of well-loved OPM hits (“Ale,” “Harana,” “Limang Dipang Tao”), Broadway classics (“Fallin,” “I Still Believe in Love” from “They’re Playing Our Song”) and other favorites (Bacharach’s “Never Fall in Love Again”).

Stages of Love follows the journey of couples through entangled complexities of relationships as they eventually discover their own definition of love.

This original piece is woven with musical arrangement by Mr. Rony Fortich, the musical genius responsible for the musical direction in Hong Kong Disneyland and Actor's Actor's Inc.'s "Once On This Island," and Trumpets’ “Honk” and “Noah’s Big Boat.”
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