Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bo's Coffee goes international with World Racers

We've partnered with World Racers, a Facebook game that works in a similar way to Amazing Race: get a partner, go around the world performing challenges, and get prizes when you win the race. That might seem all too simple, but there are a few things about World Racers that I find very special:
  • The game was made by Filipinos. We're a Filipino company, and we love supporting the world-class products of our fellow countrymen.
  • World Racers is a revolution in Facebook games. It's not a "second-rate, trying-hard, copycat" (cue music from Bituing Walang Ningning). It's a whole new way of playing on Facebook.
  • Those who play the game, i.e. the "Racers," can post videos of the challenges they participated in to their friends on Facebook. It's like having you're own Facebook TV! Racers can also ask for support that way (see next point).
  • Even people who won't play can participate as fans. When watching Amazing Race on TV, you root for your favorite team and complain about another. But you can't do anything about it. On World Racers, fans can help their favorite team by giving them virtual goods or by buying obstacles for their opponents.
  • You can win real prizes! Over P40,000 in cash and prizes await tournament winners.
Register now to start playing when the game launches on May 30. We have a bonus for you too! you can get a cool Bo's Coffee jacket for your avatar if you redeem this code: BOSRACERFTW

Here's the World Racers teaser video:

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