Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A tribute to homegrown talent: the Bo's Coffee Latte Art Competition

Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art in itself. But once in a while, we see art drawn on the surface of that cup: a rosetta, heart, tulip, swan, or sometimes even a fire-breathing dragon. For the regular coffee shop customer, latte art is a nice thing, and maybe a gesture that makes the day a little bit brighter. But rarely does anyone appreciate the skill and practice involved in creating latte art. The milk in your espresso drink, simple as it may seem, only turns into a lovely graphic when steamed to the right consistency, poured at the precise height, and manipulated with the correct hand movement. Even the shape of the milk pitcher matters!

That's why Bo's Coffee decided to celebrate its 16th year by paying tribute to homegrown talent. We asked our baristas to submit videos of themselves creating latte art, and then chose the top 16 (8 in Luzon, 8 in VisMin) as finalists in this year's latte art competition. These finalists will compete for the top spot in their respective areas.

But of course, we'd like our customers to enjoy these videos as well! They're a few minutes long each, so we selected the most difficult part of the process called "pouring" and uploaded them for you to view. You'll see the videos at (desktop) or at (mobile). If you like a certain video, be sure to hit that "Like" button under it so that the barista will get a vote. The baristas in each area that have the most likes by October 26, 2012 will receive the People's Choice Award.

We hope you enjoy the videos. Let's support homegrown talent!

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