Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bo's Coffee Welcomes Award-Winning Barista Junichi Yamaguchi

World-renowned barista Junichi Yamaguchi
Homegrown specialty coffee shop Bo's Coffee played host to world-renowned barista Junichi Yamaguchi last February 7, 2013 at their Jupiter branch in Makati City for a Latte Art Workshop for their baristas. As a brand committed to providing the best training possible for its partners, Bo's Coffee and its team welcomed Yamaguchi wholeheartedly during the event.

Latte art is the method of creating a pattern on the surface of a latte by pouring steamed milk into an espresso shot. It requires a lots of skill and practice before one can consistently create a perfect design.

Yamaguchi's talent in latte art preparation is even more impressive because of the fact that he is self-taught. He makes it a point to practice for around four hours every day, especially in preparation for competitions such as the Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition in Seattle, Washington, USA and the Blenz Coffee Latte Art Competition in Japan, to name a  few. And he also makes sure that he provides his customers with the perfect brew every time.

Paul Asuncion, Bo's Coffee's very own resident expert barista, showcases his latte art making skill during the workshop.

Despite his success, however, he remains down to earth. His willingness to teach many aspiring latte artists has turned him into one of the most in-demand figures in the coffee industry, and his Latte Art Workshop at Bo's Coffee was one event the homegrown brand's baristas eagerly anticipated.

"We want the best training for our team and we're always looking for ways to enhance customer experience and empower our baristas," comments Bo's Coffee CEO Steve Benitez. "Under Junichi Yamaguchi's guidance, our team will now be able to make Bo's Coffee community's in-store experience an even better one."

Junichi Yamaguchi with Bo's Coffee CEO Steve Benitez and the rest of the team
Self-taught award-winning barista was all smiles during the Latte Art Workshop.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Share the love with a Raspberry Truffle Latte

This month, romance will fill the air and I love you's will be exchanged as Valentine's Day draws near. So in this season of love, we at Bo's Coffee bring you a new beverage which will tickle your senses and delight your hearts.

Share your feelings with a Raspberry Truffle Latte, our featured beverage this month!

Savor the flavorful burst of ripe, succulent raspberries with the luscious sweetness & aroma of premium chocolate, all in a cup of this fruity twist on our classic Caffe Mocha. Have it hot, foamy & steaming or have it poured over ice and finished off with a helping of prime whipped cream.

So, bring your other half to any Bo's Coffee branch this red letter day, and say it with a Raspberry Truffle Latte.

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